Toyota Highlander-vs-Nissan Pathfinder near West Palm Beach

Toyota vs Nissan: 2017 Highlander vs 2017 Pathfinder

Toyota has been developing the best cars since the beginning. In order to maintain the standard of the vehicle, it has been introducing latest models with innovations. This makes them stand out in the competition and this is the reason that the customers have preferred them. The only company that has been trying to meet the standards of Toyota is Nissan. They have been manufacturing technological driven vehicles with safety features comparible to Toyota. The best thing about both of these automobile industries is that they will introduce the latest model of their previous vehicles with innovations. The recent introduction of Highlander by Toyota and the Pathfinder by Nissan has caused a confusion among the auto lovers.

2017 Highlander vs 2017 Pathfinder near West Palm Beach

Highlander and Pathfinder are the three-row crossovers that can be utilized as the business and commercial vehicle. You can adjust the entire family with their luggage and the space in the car will remain comfortable. So today we will help you to select the crossover that you like the most. You will notice that the Pathfinder has the same exterior as the previous model as there are the same curves. Apart from that, it has been given a box-like look. Highlander, on the other hand, can be regarded as the rakish crossover. However, in the latest model, it has been given a more truck-like look rather than a crossover. The wheel arches have been exaggerated and there is a maw-grille that you will find at the front. The interior has been designed like the car but you will notice that a few details match that of the truck.

Technical features

Here is the comparison of the remarkable features that you will come across in both vehicles:
  • The Pathfinder have been developed with the V-6, 3.5 litters engine while the Highlander has been manufactured with the V-6 inline-4 engine
  • The Pathfinder has a seating space for 7 individuals while the Highlander can accommodate 7 to 8 individuals
  • The Highlander is available with the hybrid options while the pathfinder has standard trims
  • The Highlander has been equipped with the front knee airbags.
Both the vehicles have undergone the safety test to ensure that the passengers will get the best protection. The best thing about the Highlander is that it is very comfortable and so you can enjoy the long drive. Keeping your budget under consideration make sure that you select the best vehicle and check out our Inventory near Deerfield, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida